NW 078: Colin Alone …(I promise there are some good parts)

October 12, 2016

Colin travels by himself through semi-arid terrain on his ostrich horse. With a gaunt appearance and an empty stomach, he suddenly stops at the smell of something; he looks over to find a man cooking a large piece of meat over an open flame. Colin puts a hand over his gurgling stomach and moves the hand to his sword hilt. However, upon seeing that the man is traveling with a pregnant woman, he continues on. Now more tired and dehydrated than ever, Colin is struggling to maintain his consciousness. His vision becomes blurred as he presses on and he closes his eyes. A woman walking down a dark hallway with a hood appears. Colin opens his eyes again, but keeps his head down.

Colin and Lee approach a large farm full of several kinds of hybrid pigs, that oink loudly as the two approach the house. Lee casually remarks that the noise is good because no one can ever sneak up on them.

As Colin and his mother walk back through a courtyard, young Princess Lexie is attempting a cartwheel, but falls to the ground with a thud. Behind her Maddie runs forward and performs the move with ease, topping it off with several somersaults. Jealous, Lexie pushes her over and laughs. A young Mai sits uninterested against a tree, watching them; she turns, sees Colin walking through the garden, and diverts her gaze again, now blushing and smiling to herself. Lexie takes notice of this and whispers to Maddie, "Watch this." Maddie giggles as Lexie runs up to her brother and mother, asking if Colin would come play with them, stating that it is important for siblings to spend time together. After a small argument between Colin and Lexie, their mother makes him go and play with the girls.

Colin's mother informs him that she has received a letter from his uncle in DC. In the letter, Chris says that "if the city is as magnificent as its obstructionism, DC must be something to behold." Continuing, he hopes they can come and see it one day, if he does not burn it to the ground first, to which Colin and Lexie burst out in laughter. He has also sent gifts for his niece and nephew. For Colin, a pearl dagger that belonged to the general who surrendered when Chris broke through the Outer Wall. The inscription on the dagger reads Never give up without a fight. Lexie, instead, receives an Earth Kingdom doll, much to her displeasure.

Lexie comments that if Chris did not make it back from the siege, her father would be next in line to be Fire Lord. Her mother scolds her for saying such a thing, as Colin asks her how she would feel if Chris's son, Duncan, wanted their dad to die. Lexie simply retorts that she thinks "[their] dad would make a much better Fire Lord than his royal beer-loving kookiness" and sets her new doll ablaze.

Their mother enters the room and tells them their father has requested an audience with their grandfather, Fire Lord George. Lexie disrespectfully inquires why Suzanne does not just refer to Fire Lord George as "grandfather" as "he isn't exactly the powerful Fire Lord he used to be". When she continues saying that someone was probably going to take his place soon, Suzanne scolds her once again for her brazen and callous speech and wonders to herself what is wrong with her daughter. In the Fire Lord's throne room, Scott asks Colin and Lexie how their great-grandfather Garfield won the Battle of Han Tui. While Colin stammers for an answer, Lexie decisively answers correctly. Pleased with his daughter, Scott asks her to show her grandfather the new moves she demonstrated for him.

Okay this synopsis is way longer than I thought it would be when I started c/ping, I'm in too deep and need to stop.


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